About me...

Rather than write about myself and what I offer, I'll leave it to my clients to give you an insight into Kam Parmar Photography.

Photography is Art! It is and always has been a subjective form. You take away from it what you will and if you have the ability and vision to delve deep into the imagery it can open a whole new experience, triggering feelings of love and nostalgia, dreams and stories, pleasure and pain.

There is an absolute depth and magic to what I want to provide in imagery for our readers. I want them to not just see, I want them to feel the magic. The people we engage with, the companies we work with, everything we do must be executed at the highest level. We work with some of the world’s most prestigious brands where identity is everything. Presence is everything, delivery is everything.

And it is for this reason I choose to work with Kam Parmar Photography.
— Kalpesh Patel (Founder & Publisher – Asian Wealth Magazine)
I’ve used Kam Parmar Photography a couple of times so far and have always been very impressed with his dedication, careful attention to detail and end product. His creativity, thought process and use of lighting has always delivered quality of images that exceeded my expectations which is evident in the recent shoot he did for my high end restaurant. I would not hesitate to use him again and can offer only the highest recommendation for Kam.
— Minesh Patel (Owner - Exclusive Events & M18)
The saying a picture speaks a thousand words is true when describing Kam…his work is impeccable.
I’ve used him twice now and have already booked them for my third works event. Kam and his team are so friendly to work with and capture every emotion and detail naturally.
When you have an event you want to be able to look at the pictures and be transported back to the memories of that night or event, Kam definitely does that.
If you are looking for a photographer and are confused on who to choose I would definitely recommend Kam Parmar.
— Pep & Co
Working with a photographer is a very personal experience, even as a corporate customer. Kam has brought energy, creativity, patience and humour to our various sessions over the last year while we’ve created new brochures, launched a new website, opened new offices and new companies. His involvement is total and the quality of the end product is excellent. We’ll definitely continue using Kam.
— Martin Crapper - (MD - Redline Group)